[CentOS] Another CentOS 5 oddity: reboot and the X server fails tocome up

Wed May 2 20:35:40 UTC 2007
Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com>

>> I had to reboot my work machine today, and it came up in text mode
>> (!).  I did an init 5, but that had no effect (wrong command?).  I
>> killed the three gdm processes, and voila, X server mode.
>> Where do I look to find out what is not right here?
> My server comes up in run-level 5 but I have to hit ctrl-alt-f7 to
> switch to the x-server screen.  It doesn't switch to it automatically
> for some reason.  Once I've changed to the graphical virtual screen
> everything else seems to work normally.

This was happening to me when I was using Xen. When I stopped using the
Xen kernel it stopped happening. Not sure how the two are connected.