[CentOS] Can't get resolution higher than 1280x1024 - Centos 5

Thu May 3 17:24:54 UTC 2007
Bob Chiodini <bob.chiodini at nasa.gov>

Akemi Yagi wrote:
>> There seems to be some problem with the EDID info, that may have been
>> pointed out earlier.  If you are using the NVIDIA (closed source)
>> driver, try adding Option "IgnoreEDID" "true" in the Device Section of
>> xorg.conf for the graphics card and add the monitor's specific sync
>> frequencies in the Monitor Section.  For the SyncMaster 204t they are:
> If I remember correctly, "IgnoreEDID" "true" has been replaced by
> "UseEDID" "False".
> Akemi
That make sense :-)