[CentOS] java

Thu May 3 17:35:19 UTC 2007
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Lance Davis wrote:

>>> Would it be possible to have Sun's JDK in a CentOS repository using
>>> Sun DLJ license? This license allows the binary JDK redistribution by
>>> linux distributions (as far as I know Ubuntu includes the JDK under
>>> this license).
>> we had a look at this a long time back, when the DLJ was announced 
>> initially - and we didnt think it was open enough for us to ship Java, 
>> also there are some legal issues that seem grey and the only response 
>> we could get from Sun was along the lines of  'go speak to your lawyers'.
>> We dont really have any layers, so we wont be speaking to them :)
> The main issue is that Sun insist that we accept liability for 3rd party 
> use - whilst Mark Shuttleworth has deep enough pockets - we dont ....
> We are trying to work with Sun to remove this requirement though.

I don't see how, regardless of what the Sun agreement says, you could be 
  held any more or less responsible for redistributing java than any 
other software component you redistribute.  That is, someone would have 
to successfully sue over damages from a software flaw first and if 
people could do that, Microsoft would have been out of business many 
years ago.  And it is bound to be less buggy than the version you do 

Anyway, according the the link I posted (which I can't check myself), 
you can now use RHEL up2date to get sun java, so Red Hat must have 
worked something out too.

   Les Mikesell
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