[CentOS] Re: Raid5 issues

Fri May 4 16:12:42 UTC 2007
Ruslan Sivak <rsivak at istandfor.com>

Toby Bluhm wrote:
> IIRC you had two out of four new disks die? So maybe it would be more 
> accurate to say it's your hardware you don't trust. Raid5 is used 
> without problems by ( I assume ) many, many people, myself included. 
> You could have a raid10 and still lose the whole array if two disks 
> that in the same mirror die at once. I guess no software in the world 
> can really overcome bad hardware. That's why we do backups :)
> Anyway, perhaps excersizing /stressing the disks for a few days 
> without error would make you feel more confident about the HDs.
I believe I replied to this, but not sure why it didn't show up.  Here 
it is again:

Actually, 2 disks did not die.  Due to the fact that it was a new raid 5 
array (or for whatever reason), it was rebuilding the array.  One of the 
drives had a media error, and this caused the whole array to be lost.
This is exactly what this article warns about: