[CentOS] Re: Anaconda doesn't support raid10

Wed May 9 04:01:50 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Russ wrote:
> I'm not sure what you mean by "get real old stuff for your controller".  The controller is brand new, although the pc is a few years old.  The controller is si3114 based.  What's so quirky about it vs si3124?
> Here's the way I plan to set things up.  Please let me know if this is worse then what you suggest.  
> 4 partitions per drive
> 1st partition - 200 mb
> 2nd partition - 250 mb
> 3rd partition - 5gb
> 4th partition - 745gb
> Md0 raid 1 with 2 spares - 1st partition of all drives - /boot

Suit yourself. I personally do not see the point of 2 spares when your 
system uses raid6.

> Md1 raid0 - 2nd partition of all drives - swap

This is a no-no.

> Md2 raid6 - 3rd partition of all drives - /

Overkill. Why have so many different raid running? Besides, raid5 has 
been iffy and I wonder how stable raid6 is.

> After install create
> Md10 raid10 - 4th partition of all drives - /data
> What advantages, if any, would lvm have over this set up?  

How about flexible filesystem resizing? If you did it the way I 
suggested: 512MB /boot, 512MB /tmp, you have like 960GB of space to 
carve anyway you like. You also get lvm snapshots which you won't get 
with raid seeing that this is supposed to be a backup server too.