[CentOS] Re: Anaconda doesn't support raid10

Wed May 9 05:03:24 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

>>> What advantages, if any, would lvm have over this set up?  
>> How about flexible filesystem resizing? If you did it the way I 
>> suggested: 512MB /boot, 512MB /tmp, you have like 960GB of space to 
>> carve anyway you like. You also get lvm snapshots which you won't get 
>> with raid seeing that this is supposed to be a backup server too.
> Yea, I think for these reasons I will use lvm.  I have set up a system 
> as follows:
> /boot raid 1 200mb 4 drives no spares (I guess this makes 4 copies of 
> the data?)

You have four disks which will be paired into two pairs. If one pair 
goes, everything goes. Might as well use one pair for /boot and the 
other for /tmp.

> 2 250mb raid1 arrays over the 4 drives (2 drives each ) for swap

You can use a logical volume for swap. This is really not necessary.

> rest of space in 2 raid 1 arrays
> lvm on top of the 2 raid1 arrays
> / 10gb on lvm
> /data 50gb on lvm
> /backup 250gb on lvm
> rest of space left free to allow for resizing and adding of partitions 
> with lvm

and snap shots.

> I will pull out a drive tommorow and see how resilient this is.  Does 
> this sound like a good solution?

Actually, installing Open Solaris (nexenta distro -> www.gnusolaris.org) 
and using zfs would be much better and less of an administrative 
headache :D.

/me runs for cover.