[CentOS] yum upgrading

Thu May 10 07:43:49 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

John Logsdon wrote:
> I have boxes on CentOS 4.2 that I want to move to CentOS5.
> Are there any problems envisaged in trying to move 4.2->4.3, 4.3->4.4 and
> 4.4->5.0, using yum upgrade and changing the repositories at each stage?

just do a `yum update` on your '4.2' system, and it will be '4.4' and 
then some.

as far as the 4 -> 5 conversion, I don't like doing major version 
upgrades, I'd rather backup all config and data, clean install, and 
redeploy on the new system.  or, better, bring up the new OS on a new 
box, then migrate the apps.