[CentOS] Re: Anaconda doesn't support raid10

Fri May 11 05:59:19 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Abba Communications - www.abbacomm.net wrote:
>> NCQ SATA is almost a no-brainer.
> Feizhou,
> It is only a no brainer if you have no brains right?
> And I am quite certain that you do have some brains.
> 7200 rpm consumer sata drives are not designed for the same load and duty
> cycle as a 15k scsi unit...

ROTFL. I am sorry but 'consumer' 7200 RPM PATA/SATA drives can very well 
do 24/7 for years. Did you read Google's report? There is NO DIFFERENCE 
in terms of endurance between SCSI/PATA/SATA drives.

I worked for an outfit that handled over 40 million mailboxes and 
tackled around 200 million smtp transactions daily. My responsibilities 
were the mail delivery system with over 30 boxes under my direct 
adminstration. I did not get more trouble/failures from PATA or SATA 
drive boxes than SCSI boxes.

> Plus, in general, you would need a special aftermarket controller and then
> again, what about hot swapping etc etc

Where have you been in the last few years? SATA is hot swappable from 
its conception. Almost any SATA controller can do hotswap. Support for 
hot swapping under Linux for SCSI had been a hack job for admins and 
only recently has that changed. SATA hot plug support is in Centos 5 for 
AHCI compliant chipsets, Silicon Image chipsets which covers quite a few 
onboard SATA motherboards.

The problem is not my mush but yours. Yours is stuck in the last decade.