[CentOS] HA with CentOS

Mon May 14 18:19:25 UTC 2007
Scott McClanahan <scott.mcclanahan at trnswrks.com>

On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 10:55 -0700, Akemi Yagi wrote:
> > DRBD and Heartbeat seem pretty solid together for cheap affective high
> > availability.  We've been using them for our production FTP servers
> > which handle hundreds of thousands transactions a day both
> > uploading/downloading.  We fail over between the two every 6 months and
> > haven't had any problems on CentOS 4.3, they've actually been up for
> > several hundred days now.  There is actually a yumgroup named
> > drbd-heartbeat in the CentOS extras repository but I don't see that it
> > is available in CentOS 5.0.  Does anyone know if these packages will be
> > available in any of the CentOS 5.0 yum repositories?
> I think they were just built for C5 and are currently in testing repo.
> Akemi
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Ah, so the testing repository (CentOS 5) is now separate from the main
stream repositories and is located at dev.centos.org.  I did not know
that.  Do you happen to know how/if packages in the testing repository
will be promoted into the "official" CentOS repositories that are so
easily rsync'd against?  Will they be promoted to the extras repository
in CentOS 5?  Thanks.