[CentOS] Re: Now I can't shutdown [was: Screen blanks after initial setup (Centos 5)]

Tue May 15 13:26:46 UTC 2007
Richard Karhuse <rkarhuse at gmail.com>

On 5/14/07, Itay <centos at nospammail.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 14 May 2007, Johnny Tan wrote:
> >> I rebooted into rescue mode but can't find memtest, only memtest-setup.
> >
> > No, you boot up *with* CentOS CD #1 in the CD drive. At the "boot:"
> prompt
> > (where you normally just hit <ENTER> to install CentOS), type:
> >
> > memtest86<ENTER>
> >
> > It will run memtest off the CD.
> >
> > johnn
> Oh - silly me :-)
> Ok, now testing (so far so good).
> --
>    Itay Furman  <centos at nospammail.net>
> --

First of all, you can run memtest86+ either way --

  1.  From the 1st CD, Rescue CD (or any other CD that has it), or
  2.  From Grub if you have installed it.

Memtest86+ runs as a completely stand-alone program.

On any new box that I use, I try to run it at the first opportunity
that I get.  (I usually let it run overnight, if not a week-end.)  Of
course, sometimes given a new "play toy" I don't always get around
to running it.  *However*, if the box ever starts showing "weirdness"
(and it's not obvious what's wrong), this test gets scheduled at the
next "slow period" for the unit.  You'd be surprised the number of
times it finds things -- even with ECC, registered memory, etc.
(Of course, it is *not* a panacea for all system ills -- just a tool
and one of many ....).

I now typically try to install it on all of my servers so remote
techs can run it on units via grub without having to find / have
a CD.

The reason that I recommend checking the version of the BIOS,
I have found "with the latest & greatest" it sometimes helps.
The last time I played with ASUS motherboards (many years ago)
I found that you had to be on 4th or 5th release of the BIOS before
things really go stable.  [OT:  I recently installed a dual Xeon system
and was having lots of problem.  Given that it was recently manufactured
I figured everything would be up to snuff on it ... Nope -- it needed a
new BIOS to work with > 4 GB of RAM correctly.]

However, since your system is booting and working, I would
conjecture that everything is fine and should be able to work and
use the system.  Do a "yum update" and make certain that all
things are installed (and up to date).

Have fun ...

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