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Thu May 17 05:57:02 UTC 2007
Rajeev R Veedu <rajeev at cracknell.com>

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On Tue, 15 May 2007, Rajeev R Veedu wrote:

> ERROR: Parse error at line 44: Option AllowSupplementaryGroups
> requires boolean argument.
> ERROR: Parse error at line 76: Option FixStaleSocket requires boolean
> argument.

It used to be that


were valid configuration options. That's been changed. It needs to be

   AllowSupplementaryGroups yes
   FixStaleSocket yes

where "yes" can also be "no," depending on your preference.

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After updating the new clamav.config. (I have re-installed the clamav) I
face a problem that it uses 85 to 100 of the CPU and it result in failure of
saslauthd checking with following error.

May 17 10:08:06 mail pop3[27952]: badlogin: [] plaintext d.walsh
SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed

this error happens when about 5 no of CLAMSCAN runs  (viewed with TOP
command) and it stops when I remove the content filter in postfix.

is there any way we can reduce the CPU usage by clamscan so that other
process will get some room to execute?  I had used the default setting in
clamd.conf except user as  amavis. At least some guidance or suggestions?

best regards




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