[CentOS] Squirrelmail Problem on CentOS 4.4

Thu May 17 13:24:42 UTC 2007
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com>

Thanos Rizoulis wrote:
> O/H John Hinton έγραψε:
>> Recently, some of my accounts cannot read any email in the INBOX 
>> within Squirrelmail. The error....
>> The server couldn't find the message you requested.
>> Most probably your message list was out of date and the message has 
>> been moved away or deleted (perhaps by another program accessing the 
>> same mailbox).
>> The only thing I am finding in apache error logs is this:
>> PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:  charset_converted in 
>> /usr/share/squirrelmail/functions/mime.php on line 316, referer: 
>> http://domain_name_replaced_here_by_john.com/webmail/src/right_main.php?PG_SHOWALL=0&sort=0&startMessage=1&mailbox=saved_email 
>> Which doesn't seem to have any affect on other users and looks like 
>> it refers to the folder list and not the email reader.
> Maybe these accounts have too many emails in them? Check on two things:
> a) squirrelmail config:
>     4. General Options -> 11. Allow server side sorting=true
> This speeds up query against the stored mails.
> b) your php.ini has a "memory_limit = 8M" per php process. Increase it 
> up to 20M.
> Restart Apache after these changes and see if they help.

There at the time were only 50 emails in the inbox. In fact, I deleted 
the SquirrelMail IMAP stuff and recreated by logging back in. Sent one 
message through and it wouldn't open either.

I have a 64M limit in the php.ini file and have had for a long time.

Thanks but this seems to be something else. This did work for a long 
time.. just broke here lately. I'm wondering if it had anything to do 
with the recent squirrelmail update or any of the php updates.

John Hinton