[CentOS] vmware tools in CentOS5 guest?

Fri May 18 23:08:47 UTC 2007
Ken Key <key-centos at ksquared.net>

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Does anyone have vmware-tools from the recent server 1.03 release 
> running in a CentOS5 guest VM?  vmware-config-tools.pl goes through the 
> motions except for building the vmhgfs module (which it says is only 
> needed for mapping the host file system) but then X won't start up with 
> the new configuration.

Yup, had the same problem.  The vmware-config-tools.pl fails to write
a Monitor section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  I add the following to all
of mine:

Section "Monitor"
     Identifier      "vmware"
     VendorName      "VMware, Inc"
     HorizSync 1-10000
     VertRefresh 1-10000

I got the above values from doing an X -configure in the VM. 
Unfortunately, *that* hangs the display and requires a restart.
It also generates a massive number of unnecessary ModeLines.
Just adding the above section to my VMs was my quickest solution.

Hope this helps,