[CentOS] Sendmail upgrade issue

Sun May 20 22:48:01 UTC 2007
James N. Smith <jnsmith at leschwartz.com>

Heads up sendmail users.

After running the big pile of upgrades over the weekend I have noted a 
change in behavior in sendmail.  The current running version is 

Specifically sendmail started ignoring the relay by IP rules in the access / 
access.db files.

they were formatted as such (IP addresses changed for privacy)                RELAY

After a bunch of testing with sendmail -bt I discovered that the behavior 
had reverted to the old school style of access that does not allow for CIDR 
notation thus:

192.168.0                        RELAY

The purpose of the sendmail patch was to fix a hole where an outside user 
posing as localhost.localdomain could relay.  This is a rule related to 
access / access.db.  I am theorizing that the developers reverted that part 
of the code back to an older version.

Is anyone else noticing this?  I may be way off in my assumtions.  However, 
I'm not a coder and have to work off of trial and error when 

Was the sendmail upgrade part of the 4.5 push?