[CentOS] vmware tools in CentOS5 guest?

Mon May 21 18:40:07 UTC 2007
Ken Key <key-centos at ksquared.net>

Paul Norton wrote:
 > Either of you notice poor performance?  My mouse is jumpy and freezes,
 > especially when I try to resize a terminal window.  The whole thing
 > feels slugish.  This is with vmware workstation 6 and either Lunar Linux
 > or Ubuntu as a host.  I'm sure other distros as hosts.

I didn't noticed any sluggishness, but this was a quick
graphical side project (a KDE kiosk) so  I really don't
have a good baseline to compare it with.  I mainly use VMware
Server with run-level 3 guests running tinderbox builds.  I
recently reinstalled the host OS to CentOS 5/VMware Server
1.03 and the builds are +/- 1min wall clock what they were.