[CentOS] question on zenity centos 5

Mon May 21 21:27:51 UTC 2007
Ryan Ordway <ryan.ordway at oregonstate.edu>

On 5/21/07 1:58 PM, "Jerry Geis" <geisj at pagestation.com> spake:

> When I use a little program.
>                 for(count = 0; count <= 100; count += 10)
>                         {
>                         printf(stdout, "%d\n", count);
>                         sleep(1);
>                         }

Try adding this after your printf():


The stdio functions use buffered output, so it's likely that zenity is just
not getting any of the output until the program has completed. By doing an
fflush() you will force the data to be flushed from the buffer and printed,
so that zenity can pick it up from the pipe.


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