[CentOS] Squid +Yum = apt-cacher?

Fri May 25 13:00:19 UTC 2007
Lorenzo <lorenzo at gmk.it>

Barry Brimer ha scritto:
> Quoting Lorenzo <lorenzo at gmk.it>:
>> Barry Brimer ha scritto:
>>>> If you are imaging servers over and over wouldn't it be easier to
>>>> maintain a local repo and setup pxeboot with kickstart?
>>> Have you looked at Cobbler <http://http://cobbler.et.redhat.com/> and
>>> mrepo? <http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/mrepo/>
>> I've setup mrepo: as of now I have 1,4G of updates; usually on an average
>> server my whole /var/cache/yum is 33M, on the workstation (which is the
>> biggest
>> install I have) is 69M.
>> So mrepo and PXE boot are really nice and funny, but they don't solve at all
>> my
>> need of bandwidth saving.
> Have you set all of your systems to use your mrepo server for their updates?

Not yet, and this is the second part of the problem: I don't like playing too 
much with config files, even because from time to time there could be changes 
from new version, it's boring to manually change all of them (and dangerous, 
because I'm very distract ;) ), and I don't think is worth automating it (at 
least with my programming skills, it take too much time do do).