[CentOS] Squid +Yum = apt-cacher?

Fri May 25 13:05:28 UTC 2007
Lorenzo <lorenzo at gmk.it>

Florin Andrei ha scritto:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> This used to 'just work' in Centos3 since the repos all had the same 
>> name and used round robin dns to distribute the load and maybe it does 
>> again in Centos5 - I thought I'd seen something about some work being 
>> done.  But with Centos4 and the fedoras the mirrorlist would usually 
>> give you something different every time and fill up the cache with 
>> multiple copies.
> Yup, that's what happens with Fedora. Too many repos, the cache hit rate 
> is pretty low.

So again would be nice to "convince" someone (maybe already working with 
Fedora) to make such tool (suggested name: yum-cacher; function: doing for 
Fedora/CentOS/ any other RPM based distro the same thing that apt-cacher does 
for debian)