[CentOS] SAMBA in CentOS 5, shared level

Mon May 28 19:07:00 UTC 2007
devel <dev001 at pas-world.com>

El lun, 28-05-2007 a las 13:19 -0400, William Warren escribió:
> nopers it doesn't.  It's all in how you configure it.  If your having 
> sharing issues then it's most likely you don't have hte permissions 
> letup correctly.  My shared drives are either separate partitions or 
> different physical drives altogether.  Sharing out / IMO is like sharing 
> out $ in windows.

-- Samba is killing me slowly --

Permissions are the same, I only copy /home/Samba to /Samba and voila,
works (changing share dir only in config file).

Now I can write (in /Samba) new files, read it but I can not delete
files or modify it.
Permissions 666 files and 777 directories, samba user, like unix user,
is the owner of dir and files.