[CentOS] RE: custom kernel for Centos 5 kickstart?

Wed May 30 23:34:10 UTC 2007
Guolin Cheng <guolin at alexa.com>


 Thanks a lot for your great suggestions.

 I've tried ksdevice options as well. It does work for some cases. But
the main problems. We have tens different network/harddrive
combinations. And so it turns a simple issue into a unmanageable
complex. Originally we use a custom booting kernel plus in-house
sysimager solution to handle it, custom kernel fix the detection
sequence problem and sysimager dumps a few tarball/images to hard

 If we can find a way to use a custom kernel to replace default
Kickstart kernel+initrd.img. Then we can fix the problem very elegantly.

 Any ideas on hacking Kickstart initrd.img?


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possibly "ksdevice=" which has a number of options that are useful but
it depends on what exactly he's trying to achieve. The other method i
thought of is to not setup network in main kickstart but instead do it
with netconfig in %post where you can use the --hwaddr switch (and
determine the target interface by it's mac address).
Or perhaps, since anaconda does a good job of setting up interfaces for
you, so just configure them up as you would like ignoring the fact that
they may be pointing to the wrong NIC and then change /etc/modprobe.conf
and /etc/sysconfig/network-interfaces/ifcfg-ethX files in %post to suite
your needs (again determine the target via mac address)
The first 3 bytes of the mac addresses are the manufacture code so you
should be able to work our a list for your hardware using


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I remember there being an option to define which MAC addr is defined as
eth0, etc. This was something you could define on the kickstart command
line.... Check out the documentation for anaconda.

On 5/30/07 1:49 PM, "Guolin Cheng" <guolin at alexa.com> wrote:

	Has any one tried to merge a custom kernel into
vmlinuz/initrd.img for Centos 5 kickstart? Or similar Linux
	I am rebuilding a custom kernel from stock kernel source to
build some hardware modules into static form, so that the hardware
detection sequence can be altered in a hard way. Quick examples are: tg3
drivers will be loaded before e1000, 3w-9xxx be loaded before 3w-9xxx,
	 Please advice. If the object could be achieved through
adjustment to /etc/modules.conf or similar files, then it could be even
more fantastic.

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