[CentOS] Sort imap e-mail remotely

Patrick Lodder patrick at nedlinux.nl
Thu Nov 1 07:49:32 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have a big e-mail box over at my provider. I receive a lot of e-mail 
every day (over 100), which are distributed into different imap-folders 
by thunderbird. The problem is that thunderbird must be running 
(offcourse) to be able to it's job.
And for thunderbird to run, my (home)computer must be running.

I have a CENTOS 5 server running also. Are there any programs out there 
that work via command line or as a daemon, that i can use to sort my 
imap e-mail. I've googled a bit, but didn't come up with a 
solution(maybe I'm search with the wrong keywords). I found fetchmail & 
procmail, but I wasn't able to figure out if they can do it.



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