[CentOS] Sort imap e-mail remotely

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Nov 1 15:05:44 UTC 2007


Patrick Lodder wrote:
> I have a big e-mail box over at my provider. I receive a lot of e-mail 
> every day (over 100), which are distributed into different imap-folders 
> by thunderbird. The problem is that thunderbird must be running 
> (offcourse) to be able to it's job.
> And for thunderbird to run, my (home)computer must be running.

Do you know what IMAP server they use at your ISP ? If its something 
that suppors sieve ( good chance ) then take a look at sieve.mozdev.org 
- its a plugin to thunderbird that lets you setup remote sieve scripts 
really easy. I have been using this to manage my 600 odd line sieve 
script, and its been fantastic.

> I have a CENTOS 5 server running also. Are there any programs out there 
> that work via command line or as a daemon, that i can use to sort my 

You could always just use fetchmail on your centos server, and pull in 
all the email from your ISP's end, and setup your own cyrus-imapd ( 
included in centos4/5 ), and run your own sieve script to sort and 
process emails as they come in.

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