[CentOS] atmail & centos

Hiep Nguyen hiep at ee.ucr.edu
Fri Nov 2 15:29:01 UTC 2007

hi friends,

i'm researching to see if i can run my own email server on centos.  i'm 
looking at qmail & centos, but the problem that i have is it doesn't have 
the web interface that can similar with outlook. our users don't like 
squirrelmail, or NOCC, or horde interfaces) however, i found 
atmail.com and it seems to have what i'm looking for b/c it's kindda 
integrate with outlook (i don't know how good it is)

does any one here have any thoughts/suggestions about atmail on centos 5? 
or is there anything like atmail out there that i can use to run email 
server on centos 5.

thank you for any helps.
T. Hiep

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