[CentOS] help with script

Mark Snyder mark at jmktdis.com
Fri Nov 2 22:39:32 UTC 2007

I am doing a md5sum to verify nightly transfer of files between servers and want to email 
the results to support.

Everything works fine except reading the contents of the check file into mail.

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

cd /bak
md5sum -b `date '+%m-%d-%y'`.tgz > `date '+%m-%d-%y'`.ver
diff -s `date '+%m-%d-%y'`.md5 `date '+%m-%d-%y'`.ver > `date '+%m-%d-%y'`.chk
#outfile=`date '+%m-%d-%y'`.chk          #setup name of file to read into mail
mail -s 'file verify' me at mymailaddr.com <<MAIL_IN
~r `date '+%m-%d-%y'`.chk



entering the same mail commands from a command prompt works.


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