[CentOS] anyone using DBMail?

James A. Peltier jpeltier at cs.sfu.ca
Sat Nov 3 00:34:00 UTC 2007

Florin Andrei wrote:
> I am currently using Cyrus IMAPd, and been using it for a long time, the 
> main reason being that I want an IMAP server with nice server-side 
> filtering, which Cyrus provides via Sieve. Given that Sieve is 
> integrated with Squirrelmail, all is good.
> Or is it?
> Cyrus IMAPd is powerful, but it's a complete mess to upgrade, either 
> when upgrading the software per se, or when upgrading the whole OS. 
> There are just too many "moving parts", complicated by the fact that it 
> interacts with SELinux. And so on.
> So I'm kind of starting to hate it.
> But recently Freshmeat reminded me of DBMail:
> http://www.dbmail.org/
> And today I noticed that DBMail uses Sieve. Very nice!
> Now, storing email in a database might be a controversial idea. I can 
> definitely see at the same time some advantages, but also some 
> disadvantages. However, for an IMAP server that essentially is used only 
> by two people, I don't think the database per se can be a problem.
> So, what I'm asking is:
> Anybody here using DBMail? Any success stories? Horror stories? "Meh" 
> stories?
> If I do end up using it, most likely I'll use ver 2.2.5 (available in 
> the EPEL repo) with CentOS 5, probably with a MySQL backend (but I'm not 
> sure yet, SQLite might be another option).

I used it quite some time ago, and it did work rather well.  The most 
difficult time I had was getting the mail server integration working 
right.  I suspect that it's probably come a long way since I used it (2 
years now) and when I did use it it really gave me no problems.

A good web/other interface for administration would have been very 
useful, but what was there at the time was utter crap.

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