[CentOS] Bandwidth optimization

James A. Peltier jpeltier at cs.sfu.ca
Mon Nov 5 15:45:07 UTC 2007

Bazy wrote:
> Yes you are right, we should prioritize ack's and dns requests (port 53)
> at first. But this is CentOS not BSD, so we should use tc (show /
> manipulate traffic control settings).

Sorry, as I've said before I'm not familiar with the GNU/Linux 
equivalent firewall things.  Thanks for pointing out TC.

> Ioannis Vranos: You should connect from a windows machine and check if
> the ping reply and the download speeds are the same as on the linux
> machine. If the windows machine proves to be faster, start debugging the
> linux machine. 160-170 ms to your ISP's gateway seems a lot of latency
> to me. I have a cable modem and an 6 ms latency to my ISP.

You may also want to run a netstat -ia on both machines and verify that 
there are not a bazillion connections, which might give an indication of 
a system compromise such as rootkit or botkit.  160-170ms seems awful 
high to me for such a high speed connection.

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