[CentOS] HP DL585 - CentOS4.5 - kix woes

Tom Brown tom at ng23.net
Wed Nov 7 16:02:13 UTC 2007

Tom Brown wrote:
>> I had to create a custom initrd file to make it work for me. (this was
>> on an IBM x3655, but has the same NIC) Unpacked the driver from the
>> manufacturer, grabbed the .ko file, and rebuilt the initrd with that
>> driver for the kickstart.
> Is there any chance you could make this initrd available ? I have 
> tried to use the driver from hp and rebuilt using that but it did not 
> work either.
> If you could make this available i would be very grateful!

or of thats not possible - any chance you could post the steps so i can 
see where i went wrong


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