[CentOS] Cheap dual-head pci card with CentOS support?

Jimmy Bradley bmobile40 at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 9 06:06:35 UTC 2007

  Currently I'm using an NV34(Geforce FX 5500). It's a PCI card, and it
has both SVGA and DVI outputs. I don't know if both outputs will work at
once, but I don't see why not. The card is working fine for me. Sorry,
but I don't have a second one to sell, but that should give you a
starting point.


On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 20:18 -0800, John R Pierce wrote:
> mbneto wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am looking for a cheap PCI (or AGP) video card with dual output (DVI 
> > or VGA) and CentOS support.
> nvidia x200yy for x=6,7 and yy=GS or whatever is cheapest.
> probably will have one each VGA + DVI, usable concurrently.  will easily 
> support 2 x 1600 x 1200 x 32bit at high refresh rate
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