[CentOS] ISDN on CentOS

Timothy Kesten centos-lst at gmx.de
Fri Nov 9 07:31:09 UTC 2007

Hi Folks,

I'm  using ISDN-Connections extensively because ADSL is not available.
So far it works fine "out of the box" (CentOS 5 PAE).

Two questions:

1. for which the fcpci-kernel-modules from atrpm-Repo are useful?

2. Whats about channel bundling?

Does CentOS bundling automaticly on every established connection (if it is 
selected in Network-Configuration) or is it only set/unset with the 

	isdnctrl addlink/removelink ippp0


Thats very important because there is no flat-rate on this ISDN-Connection.
I intend the use of channel bundling only for remote-access
The "simple" user on the connected window-workstations shall not use 
channel-bundling for surfing.
(ISDN is on the server with samba / squid).

It's difficult for me to test it because  I have only remote-access to this 
server (start/restart of the ISDN-Connection)

Thanks for any hints


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