[CentOS] backups and md5 all in one while splitting

Shad L. Lords slords at lordsfam.net
Fri Nov 9 19:01:11 UTC 2007

> I'm trying to back up our svn repositories, and I found a nice little 
> backup command line bzip's the backup and creates the md5 hash all in one:
> svnadmin dump --deltas /repo |bzip2 |tee dump.bz2 | md5sum >dump.md5
> The problem is I need to split the backups, so this doesn't really work. 
> Is there perhaps another way of piping things to allow for splitting of 
> the backups?  Currently I'm doing something like this
> svnadmin dump --deltas /repo |bzip2 |split - -b 64m
> cat *.bz2* | md5sum >dump.md5
> Is there a way to do this all in one step?

What about:

svnadmin dump --deltas /repo | bzip2 | tee >(split -b 64m - dump.bz2.) | 
md5sum > dump.md5


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