[CentOS] headphones on a packard bell , Help.......

Manuel Enrique Chavez Manzano manny at cmc.cfg.sld.cu
Fri Nov 9 20:49:34 UTC 2007

El vie, 09-11-2007 a las 11:58 -0800, John R Pierce escribió:
> Manuel Enrique Chavez Manzano wrote:
> > I had a little trouble with my new laptop, I have a Packard Bell MZ380
> > laptop with Realtek High Definition Audio, I have installed CentOS 5 on
> > it, I have sound by the speaker but when I plug the headphone the sound
> > is over, I mean I have not sound by the speaker and by the headphones.
> > Can someone help me? What I have to do ????
> > I'll be waiting for help.
> >   
> are these analog mini-phone jack headphones, or USB headphones?
yes there is a mini-phone jack headphones.
> If the former, it sounds like it could be a hardware problem to me, 
> maybe a mechanical issue with the headphone jack. 
yes that is, on windows xp with the drivers, when i plug a headphones,
the sytstem shows me a message turn off the sound for a while and then
start by the headphones, but in CentOS, the sound propierties only shows
me a master channel.
>    are you sure the 
> headphones work on another sound source like a ipod ?   are you sure the 
> headphone plug is fully inserted ?
I'm sure the headphones are ok, even I have tried with external speakers
and nothing happens
> the mini phone jack itself has a mechnical switch in it that opens when 
> you insert a plug, this disconnects/mutes the sound from the speakers.
yes that is what happens when I do that.
any suggestions???
thanks for your time

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