[CentOS] Open Source CPanel equivalent for CentOS?

Lance Davis lance at centos.org
Sun Nov 11 14:13:16 UTC 2007

On Sat, 10 Nov 2007, Barry Brimer wrote:

>>  Hi,
>>  I was wondering if anyone knew of a solid, reliable Open Source equivalent
>>  of Cpanel/Plesk that I can run on my CentOS boxes.  I've done some
>>  searching
>>  around and find a bunch of them which seem to have stopped or stalled
>>  development, but I am figuring that there has got to be a strong market /
>>  demand for something out there.
>>  Is anyone using something secure, solid and complete?  I don't need
>>  something for users to sign up themselves online, but would like something
>>  to give them abilities to administer their own domains.  I am more than
>>  happy to move my entire existing mail  server and accounts to something
>>  new
>>  if I can give my users this ability.
> Webmin/Virtualmin/Usermin <http://www.webmin.com>
> Emu <http://www.emusoftware.com/>

Tak a look at gnupanel - www.gnupanel.org it has recebntly been tajken 
uinder the fsf's wing and there are moves afoot to make CentOS compatible version that 
will manage multiple servers...

As well as translating the source code from Spanish ...


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