[CentOS] Re: ISDN on CentOS

Timothy Kesten centos-lst at gmx.de
Sun Nov 11 19:50:02 UTC 2007

> I guess these contain the binary modules from AVM (proprietary). For
> "plain" internet access you should be fine with hisax driver integrated in
> the CentOS kernel. The proprietary drivers may get you into trouble - I
> experienced kernel hangs/panics, filesystem corruption and other nasty
> stuff when using them on CentOS 4 two years ago.

Hi Felix,
thanks for your reply.

I'm very content with the integrated drivers and I see no necessity to use the 
fcpci-kernel-modules from atrpm.

> > 2. Whats about channel bundling?
> I think it depends on how you configure the connection (default should be
> single line). But CentOS is very similar to any other distro using hisax so
> you might get more documentation on this topic with Google.

The information that hisax is a "catchword" for my problem helps me to search 
via google.

Thanks and regards


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