[CentOS] mounting filesystems with blocks larger then 4k over a loop device

Ruslan Sivak rsivak at istandfor.com
Mon Nov 12 22:15:23 UTC 2007

So I'm playing around with S3 and elasticdrive, and I create a 
filesystem on it with a block size larger then 4k. 

mkfs.xfs -b size=8k /mnt/ed5/ed0 -f

This completes fine and sets up the proper filesystem.  When I try to 
mount it, however, I get:

mount /mnt/ed5/ed0 /mnt/eds35/ -o loop

mount: Function not implemented

looking at dmesg I get:

XFS: Attempted to mount file system with blocksize 8192 bytes
XFS: Only page-sized (4096) or less blocksizes currently work.
XFS: SB validate failed

I had similar issues with reiserFS.  Is there a way to get a filesystem 
with larger then 4k blocks in CentOS 5?


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