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>> My question is the following. I've been searching online for a good 
>> reference to describe good practices when building a linux network, but 
>> haven't really been able to find much when it comes to best practices for 
>> user administration, ACLs, "optimal" (or recommended) file locations, 
>> etc. For example, I know I need an LDAP server, but not sure how that 
>> ties into system login, or how to use a Linux LDAP server as the basis 
>> for a primary domain controller (is it still called that given Windows AD 
>> world?), etc. Or even how to properly create group structures and ACLs 
>> that accurately reflect group ownership/etc. The octal permissions at 
>> the file level are only good enough for a single group; I need to give 
>> multiple groups different permissions on the same files, etc. 
>> I realize that there are a lot of questions that I need to research, but 
>> I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some advanced 
>> admin docs with best practices, etc. Most of the stuff I find relates on 
>> how to set up a basic standalone PC, without any reference to how to 
>> network together a bunch of servers running off central authentication, 
>> etc... 
> Eric, 
> if you are thinking of setting up ldap, email, address book ...etc.. all 
> in one go ... then you need to test out ...something like zimbra from 
> zimbra.com 

Thanks for the input; I have already looked at Zimbra, and it looks like a 
very interesting soln for me once I have everything else set up. I see 
Zimbra as a nice group-ware pkg, but not as something to help me with 
user-authentication to the server (for shell access), setting up file 
permissions, shares, SMB permissions/shares, etc, etc, etc. 



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I'll vote for zimbra too, has been brilliant for me. It is sort of appliance like in that you typically don't need to do much to a server to turn it into a working system. Mine runs as a Xen VM and I'll soon (5.1) be clustering it. 

As far as tutorials go, I found that http://howtoforge.com/ is an excellent source of such types of articles. 


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