[CentOS] Pre-built kernel 2.6.20 for CentOS 5?

Kevin Thorpe kevin at pricetrak.com
Wed Nov 14 14:30:43 UTC 2007

Rainer Traut wrote:
> Kevin Thorpe schrieb:
>> Can anyone point me towards a pre-built kernel 2.6.20 for CentOS 5?
>> I need the later version to run Yosemite backup. I thought I was 
>> being clever and installed a Fedora kernel and it worked 99%, sadly 
>> the bit that didn't was the tape device which rather spoiled things.
> I run Yosemite backup on EL4, which has a much older kernel than Centos5.
> What does not work and what error message do you get?
When I start ytadmin after a reboot I get a message in the alerts:
Error 4463 - Kernel version not supported due to a bug in the scsi 
generic kernel driver. Device access restricted to file based devices only.
It also mentions something about not supporting 2.6.18 and needing 
2.6.20. I've seen comments about tape blocksizes on some versions of the 
kernel. I suspect that's what the problem is.

When I loaded the Fedora 2.6.20 kernel the system ran perfectly ok but 
the tape just kept giving me Input/Output errors, even in mt and tar.
I'm not particularly surprised at that though, it is a different 
distribution even if it is related.

Kevin Thorpe

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