[CentOS] Nagios on CentOS 4.5

Jason Ross jross at medvoice.com
Wed Nov 14 16:09:34 UTC 2007

First off  I am a linux / CentOS newbies so go easy on me.
Just curious if anyone out there is running Nagios on CentOS 4.5.
I have now installed it on a second server due to issue but the issues 
have come back to haunt me.

The OS is running on an IBM NetVista. Every thing in both installs is 
identical as are the problems.
Once I have Nagios up and monitoring every thing hangs. Even a terminal 
will hang before it finally just locks up.
The only thing that brings it back is a reboot. Even stopping the 
services doesn't work.
Disk space seems fine and even during the hangs there doesn't seems to 
be anything taking up a tremendous amount of resources.
After a reboot every thing works fine for several hours.
Any guesses or suggestions?

Jason Ross

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