[CentOS] rsync problem

Scott Moseman scmoseman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 21:45:26 UTC 2007

I have a simple script that sends one file to two locations on the
same destination server.  Here's the code:

RSYNC1=`rsync -caW -e ssh $SRC $DEST:$DST1`
RSYNC2=`rsync -caW -e ssh $SRC $DEST:$DST2`

This runs every 5 minutes.  What I'm seeing is the first location
occasionally gets a *partial* file, but the second location never has
a problem.  There does not appear to be any obvious correlation to why
this would be happening.  I have never witnessed the problem when
running the script by hand to try and duplicate, witness any error
output, etc.

Any idea how to troubleshoot?  Or how I can get rsync to verify the
file has been transferred without error?  A more reliable alternative
than using rsync for this situation?


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