[CentOS] central logging/analysis

Johnny Tan linuxweb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 05:59:22 UTC 2007

I'm interested in doing centralized logging & analysis of logs from my 
CentOS boxes.

I messed around with syslog-ng and it seems like it's a better syslog. 
But I noticed most of the "usual suspects" of third-party repo 
maintainers (Dag, Axel, etc.) don't include it. Karanbir has an el4 
version, but all my boxes are CentOS 5.

I was going to go ahead and roll my own RPM (or, rather, rebuild 
Karanbir's el4 version), but it occurred to me to check what others were 
using in this space. Just sticking with plain old syslogd? Paying for 
splunk? Is there something else I haven't heard about?


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