[CentOS] Installing skype in CentOS 5

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Nov 15 13:25:02 UTC 2007

Andrew Allen wrote:
>>>> Skype makes a statically compiled version of the program.  I use it
>>>> every day on CentOS-5 without problem.
>>>> Upgrading to QT 4 is not, IMHO, a very good idea if you want other
>>>> things to work that are compile against qt3 ... that is just my opinion.
>>> Johnny,
>>> CentOS offers both qt and qt4 packages on CentOS 5.
>> Thanks .. right, can install qt4 as well as qt ... let me see if I can
>> make that work :D
>>> Skype does make a CentOS package available that looks pretty much as if it
>>> has been build on CentOS as well. They even advertise it using the CentOS
>>> logo.
>> I see, for the newer Beta version.  Thank you for pointing that out.
>>> See the link for yourself:
>>> 	http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/linux/beta/choose/
>>> Package installs without a problem.
>>> 	[dag at rhun dag]# rpm -q skype
>>> 	skype-
>> Thank you very much for pointing out that new beta version.  I will add
>> that to the wiki as well.
>> Thanks,
>> Johnny Hughes
> Thanks guys for all the really helpful information - brilliant! I've now
> installed the beta version (the wiki.centos link was very helpful) and
> it's working on my CentOS 5 system, except that I can't get anything
> through my microphone - I've got sound through the speakers, so the
> soundcard seems to be configured OK. The same hardware works fine in
> Windows XP (dual-boot system). Any ideas please on how to configure
> and/or test the microphone and get it working, 'coz skype aint gonna be
> much use without it!

That is caused by some weird Volume Control default settings .. here is
what you have to do:

Open the "Volume Control" (right click the speaker on your desktop, pick
"Open Volume Control")

Select "Edit -> Preferences" from the menu.

Make sure "20db mic boost" and "Capture" are checked.

Then adjust both of those settings in "Volume Control"

You may have more than one Device ... when in "Volume Control", look at:

File -> Change Device

Johnny Hughes

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