[CentOS] phpmyadmin on centos 4

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Thu Nov 15 16:40:46 UTC 2007

Hiep Nguyen wrote:
> when i tried: rpm -qf /var/www/html/phpmyadmin/index.php and i got:
> file /var/www/html/phpmyadmin/index.php is not owned by any package.
> i'm clueless now. can someone help me to upgrade phpmyadmin to the 
> latest version. right now, i'm using mysql 4.1.12 & phpmyadmin 2.7.0-pl2

sounds like you installed it from tarball source or something similar 
rather than via RPM and the package manager.

rm -rf /var/www/html/phpmyadmin
check /etc/httpd/conf.d for any phpmyadmin specific apache configuration 
stuff, remove it if you find any,
then install whatever version you want, either via rpm or yum or whateverr

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