[CentOS] Re: Samba Upgrade on Centos 3

Ben Mohilef benm at dsl-only.net
Sat Nov 17 00:16:24 UTC 2007

> After today's samba update, Centos 3 boxes can not use samba to 
> communicate with each other, although Windows and the Centos 3 boxes
> see each other correctly as do RHEL5 and the Centos3 boxes. The du 

Upon further investigation, samba can only no longer use wildcards of any type or do 
things like 'ls' . Doing
ls /mnt/SHARE/<complete file name>  
works fine whereas
ls /mnt/SHARE/<partial>* 
gives an invalid result.

I wonder if there is still is a compilation option (there was a few years ago) to 
enable/disable wildcards which is either turned off or has been disabled?

If one knows the complete file name on a Centos 3 share then one has no problem. 
Windows boxes (and Linux boxes other than Centos 3) work fine and that is the way most 
admins use samba so this is hardly a crisis. ( Unlike the Ubuntu people who report that 
nmbd is segfaulting on their boxes and apparently have a different problem). 



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