[CentOS] Re: Migration from RH9

Leonel Nunez listas at enelserver.com
Thu Nov 22 16:23:52 UTC 2007

> Ugo Bellavance wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     I will probably have to migrate a few servers running Red Hat 9 to
>> CentOS and I'd like to have opinions.  One server to migrate is running
>> Fedora core 4.
>> Anyone has experience with that?  I'm not too scared about sendmail,
>> Bind, apache/PHP (except that maybe the PHP upgrade may break the
>> website, but this is easily managed and can be tested), ftp.
>> However, I don't know dansguardian much, but I guess it would be a good
>> idea to integrate it with squid.
>> I don't know squid much, but depending on what they're doing with it, it
>> should be fairly simple.
>> For samba, are there major changes between the default version in RH9
>> and Centos4 or 5?
>> Anyone migrated a perforce environment?
>> I'm also wondering whether I migrate them to centos3, 4, or 5.  3 would
>> be to make the transition easier, while still letting them have many
>> years of security updates.
>> 4 is the version I use most, I barely touched 5.
>> 5 would be for xen and... your ideas?
>> I usually use OpenVZ for virtualization, but they might want to
>> virtualize windows servers too, which OpenVZ can't do.
>> Any input would be appreciated,
> No answer yet... I guess I must have done something wrong in my post.
> I'll try to get more details about what is to be done and I'll post
> again.  Still, if you have an advice about anything in my original post,
>   please let me know.
> Regards,
> Ugo

Just like any other migration  do you tests in other machines and do
parallel tests
every migration  needs fixes


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