[CentOS] wget'ing files relative paths?

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	I'm trying to wget some very specific files off a web page, but
some of the paths are relative paths (e.g. ../path/to/file) rather than
abosolute (e.g. http://direct/path/to/file ). Obviously, when wget gets
to that part, it craps out... 
	I am a little unsure on what you are trying to do...are you
mirroring a certain section of a website, and the relative paths are
causing problems? that would be pretty strange, because I am pretty sure
that i have done that before and not had any problems (just using wget
-m http://hostname/path/I/care/about/file.html).
	or do you have a list of URL's you are trying to grab (say in a
file or something), that only have the relative paths? something like
	if possible, it would be great if you could show the exact
command line that you are using, along with the exact error message.
	Is there a switch in wget (in CentOS 5 - latest wget package)
that lets me maintain this session?  I tried some of the options here (
<http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/manual/html_node/HTTP-Options.html> ),
but it's not working, and I'm hoping someone here might point me in the
right direction. 

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