[CentOS] wget'ing files relative paths?

Rogelio scubacuda at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 15:37:29 UTC 2007

For what it's worth, I finally figured out my wget problem.

 I used Lynx to grab the source of 2600's webpage, grep'd out the URLs in
the pull down menus, sed'd these URL fragments into real URLs, and then
piped these URLs in a file that was wget-friendly so I could get some MP3s.

lynx -source http://www.2600.com/offthehook/archive_ra.html | grep
/offthehook | sed 's_">.*__g' | sed 's_ __g' | sed
's_<optionvalue=".._http://www.2600.com_g' | sed 's_<option selected
value=".._http://www.2600.com_g' | sed
's_<optionselectedvalue=".._http://www.2600.com_g' | sed 's_\t__g' > OTH

wget -r -l1 -t1 -nd -N -A.mp3 -erobots=off -i OTH
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