[CentOS] Using a local mirror? [SOLVED]

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> This is a bit late, I know, but I found a similar setup described at:
> http://www.gurulabs.com/goodies/YUM_automatic_local_mirror.php
> Their server appears to be down right now, but that's where I 
> found the 
> information.  The original was designed for Fedora, but it 
> was adapted 
> to CentOS pretty easily.  I've been using this for about 4 months now 
> with great results.
> Rather than spoofing the mirrorlist.centos.org entry in DNS, 
> I just have 
> anybody that wants to use the local mirror put an entry in their 
> /etc/hosts file pointing to the IP address of the local server.  The 

Right now I am using the hosts file too.

In our server farm we are expected to make as few deviations from baseline
as possible, that is why the dns redirection.

> Perl CGI script adds the entry for our local server to the results 
> returned from the real mirror list and depends on 
> yum-fastestmirror to 
> pick the local server from the list.

We might want to act as a gatekeeper on the mirror too, again for CM sake.

> Since we don't mirror all architectures on our local server, I added 
> some intelligence to the Perl script so that it would only 
> add the local 
> server if the requested repository, release, and architecture were on 
> the local server.  If anybody wants to see the final results, 
> just let 
> me know and I'll post my modified script and the Apache 
> config fragment 
> or a pointer to it.

The list might like it anyway.

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