[CentOS] Re: Help with file descriptors

Guy Boisvert boisvert.guy at videotron.ca
Wed Nov 28 20:22:28 UTC 2007

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 11/28/2007 12:03 PM Guy Boisvert spake the following:
>> Hi all!
>>     I have a problem with CentOS 4.4 and Communigate Pro 5.0.9.  As 
>> our user number grows, we are seeing "too many files open" error 
>> messages in Communigate logs.
>>     I spoke with Communigate tech support and they asked me to 
>> increase the number of file descriptors which i did.  I put 128000 as 
>> a script i made to check Communigate open files reported as high as 
>> 99000.    As i checked the Communigate log file, it reported that it 
>> "sees" 1024 "available" file descriptors.
>>     Reporting that to Communigate tech support, the guy answered:
>> "CommuniGate gets this number via getdtablesize() system call. 
>> Probably in CentOS the table has a fixed size so you need to recompile 
>> the kernel to expand it. Try upgrading CentOS to 4.5 (or whatever 
>> later version is available) "
>>     I'm a little afraid of upgrading the server right away, i don't 
>> want to worsen the problem.  Or maybe it's safe to do it. I dunno.
>>     Is there anybody on the list that can comment on what the 
>> Communigate tech support guy said about the "getdtablesize" thing ?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Guy Boisvert
> Was this thread hijacked, or is Thunderbird being stupid again?

Sorry, i dunno what happened.  I reposted it.

Ideed i used Thunderbird but i was on a Winblows WS... (Not always a 
choice depending where you work!)

Guy Boisvert

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