[CentOS] lvresize --resizefs

Ugo Bellavance ugob at lubik.ca
Thu Nov 29 00:37:46 UTC 2007


	There is a difference between the help of lvresize and its man page. 
In the manpage, there is nothing about the -r or --resizefs function. 

[root at serv01 ~]# lvresize
   Please specify either size or extents (not both)
   lvresize: Resize a logical volume

         [-A|--autobackup y|n]
         [--alloc AllocationPolicy]
         [-i|--stripes Stripes [-I|--stripesize StripeSize]]
         {-l|--extents [+|-]LogicalExtentsNumber[%{VG|LV|FREE}] |
          -L|--size [+|-]LogicalVolumeSize[kKmMgGtTpPeE]}
         [--type VolumeType]
         LogicalVolume[Path] [ PhysicalVolumePath... ]

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