[CentOS] 32bit HVM within CentOS5 x86_64+xen3?

Antonio da Silva Martins Junior asmartins at uem.br
Thu Nov 29 17:08:50 UTC 2007

----- "Nils Toedtmann" <centos-mail at nils.toedtmann.net> escreveu:
> I have to install a xen virtualization host that will start with 4GB
> RAM and will maybe grow to 8GB in the future. And there has to be a 32bit
> winXP domU. Is CentOS5(.1) x86_64 able to run 32bit HVMs or do i have
> to stick with i386/PAE?


   I'm using it with a Linux/Linux setup, without CPU VT. I had migrated 
a CentOS4.5-i386 to a Xen DomU and switch to a Xen-x86_64 kernel (only the kernel).

   But, you need windows, then you need VT on your CPU. With VT you can do
both windows and 32bit on a 64bit host.


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