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B.J. McClure keepertoad at verizon.net
Fri Nov 30 01:58:24 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 12:26 +1100, Amos Shapira wrote:

> On 30/11/2007, Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com> wrote:
>         Find out how they got in and make sure that hole is fixed.
>         Do an rpm verify on all installed packages (excluding
>         configs), reinstall the rpms that fail the verify.
>         Find all binaries that are not accountable in rpm and nuke
>         them.
>         Harden your host with selinux and audit, keep audit logs of
>         all changes to binary files and essential configs  and make
>         sure the audit logs are immutable.
>         Keep an eye on the system for a while to make sure you haven't
>         missed anything.
>         Keep LVM snapshots of your OS LVs.
> I'd Frank Cox'  - you can't trust anything on the system now (e.g. how
> can you be sure that the rpm, bash, ls, ps binaries and various kernel
> modules haven't been replaced to hide some processes and files? That
> the boot loader haven't been tweaked to run some snooper or who knows
> what?) 
> The only benefit of investigating the current system is in learning
> what went wrong, report bugs and maybe change configuration in the
> reinstalled system, but other than that you shouldn't allow one bit of
> it to touch a CPU, so to speak. 
> --Amos

I agree.  Drives have been removed for evidence preservation and that machine will be rebuilt. 
I do appreciate all the suggestions which increases my knowledge level and hopefully I'll lock 
it down a bit tighter next time.  BTW, traced the culprit IP to Romania.

Thanks again.

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